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By Australia's Top Market Timer DAVID HUNT

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Australian Stock Market Advice and Support.

Best Stocks to Buy and Sell for your SMSF Investment Portfolio.

Technical Analysis, Charts, News and Recommendations on ASX Shares and Share Prices.

A Simple and Easy To Use Guide for the Self-Managed Super Fund Investor or Trader.

Latest Market Developments, Expert Advice, Analysis, Charts, Targets, Timing, Trades, Forecasts 


Much, Much More

The Markets Are Shrouded In Fear

Fear, ignorance and bad publicity are the main reasons people are afraid to invest in the stock market.  This fear, uncertainty and scepticism comes mostly from bad experiences that they, or someone they know, have had trading shares because they lacked trading knowledge, skill & experience, left themselves vulnerable and failed to have adequate safety strategies in place. 

Cursed by those who lost all their money because they didn’t know what shares to buy and sell or when, and exaggerated by mainstream media, who could best be described as...

'The Band Playing Their Final Song On The Titanic As It Sank'... 

It is a fact that more people are afraid of investing in the stock market than they are of dying!

Belief Systems

People give up hope and sacrifice their potential for wealth through shares because they accept their belief systems and what they think they know is right.  It's too risky!  It's too hard!  I'm too scared. I'll loose all my money in a Stock Market Crash!  I'm not smart enough!  I don't have time!  I don't know how!  I've heard so many bad stories!  The list goes on...

But  It Is Possible To

Take the guess work out of investing and trading shares.

Manage the risks and PROTECT yourself in the stock market.

Replace your fear and uncertainty of trading with common sense, confidence and control.

Take control of your own super and create wealth through shares.

Trade and invest like the professionals armed with the right information. 

Knowledge born from actual experience is the answer to why one profits, lack of it is the reason one loses.


Here's What You Get 
3 Issues Per Week
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
45 Weeks Per Year
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day and Public Holidays
20 - 30 Shares
Analysed Per Issue
6 Major Indices and Groups
Detailed Individual Share Analysis
Long-Term, Medium-Term and Short Term  Timeframes for Investors and or Traders
Transcript PLUS Video
Detailed ASX Analysis, Advice and Recommendations
Included and Explained
Entry Levels
Know when to buy in                                                                                
Potential Price Targets
Project a shares possible profit potential                                                          
Stop Losses
Protect yourself using stop losses
Market Developments
Global, National & Seasonal. See what effects or consequences they may or may not have 
Risk Rewards 
Judge whether you should be in or out
Risk Mitigation Avoidance
Some risks just aren't worth taking in the first place
If the risk is low enough, you can decide if you want to accept it as a cost of doing business
Prevent a risk from occurring or detect a risk after it has occurred
If the risk is worth taking you can adopt a management strategy for that risk
Get the same advice David Hunt gives his elite, professional Profit Hunters Group members
Gain an insight into what has been described as
"David Hunts' Brilliant Trading Mind"

What Else Should You Know
David Hunt, Australia's Top Market Timer and one of the Top 3 Chartists In The World, does all the hard work for you.  You decide how you trade, how much and how often.  It doesn't take up much of your time and it's not complicated. 

What's The Best Part
YOU'LL BE SITTING IN THE BOX SEAT because you get the same expert stock market advice David gives his Elite Profit Hunters Group members.  This means you get the latest information on all the stocks the professionals want to know about. David Hunt delivers the goods with lightning speed and accuracy while remaining authentically and often entertainingly himself at all times. 

Finally On Risk & Probability
David Hunt lives in the world of risk & probability and there is nothing he doesn't know about how it works in the stock market.