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Australian Shares Advice Testimonial about David Hunt by Dawn Bolton-Smith
Australian Shares Advice Testimonial about David Hunt by Julie Astana
Australian Shares Advice Testimonial about David Hunt by Mr B
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“David, Only two weeks ago in LNG.ASX.
Just a heads up on a recent trade that was timed to perfection...

Taking your advice I sold my LNG.ASX on its high and made a slick 40K profit; good advice and I, as you say, 
“banked the cash”.

I often share your advice with my old man, and he was stoked when he banked 695K profit when selling LNG at its 
culminating point – yes nearly $700,000.

The old man, being an investor who really hates taking profit until the company is taken over, was not going to sell, however...

I told him my strategy and showed him what you taught us at the Profit Hunters Webinar, the potential retracement levels 
and the reasons why you said it was in trouble.

I asked him to at least remove his initial investment and let the rest ride, 
and to my shock he sold the lot five cents short of its culminating point – 
yes 5 cents off the actual top at $4.49 (exit $4.44), 
hence, making nearly 700K profit.

Update... It’s now at $2.98 – been down to $2.40 – some $1.50 off its highs.
I asked him why he sold the lot and he replied...

"Well, if David stated it will probably slip backwards and it’s run out of puff!

So I took off my bull horns and sold the lot”.

David you have definitely got the old man’s attention and my inheritance is looking very sound.

So there you go, timing to perfection, spot on once again.” 

Mr B Sargent Major (retired) Chris Baker
South Australia
10th October 2014 

Mr B was directly entrusted with the care of 2 Australian Prime Ministers and served numerous tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Timor to mention just a few.

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